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Online Safety B-12

Young people today have access to a wide variety of websites, applications and online games via the internet and as a result are accessible to many millions of people worldwide which often results in personal information being available. There are identified dangers to all young people using the internet because of this, such as, young people being exposed to inappropriate content, cyber-bullying and harassment, exchange of inappropriate images and identity theft. Young people are often not aware that their words and or photos, which may have been intended for a small audience, sometimes find their way to a larger one, often with both unexpected and undesirable consequences.

A number of resources and links to external websites have been provided for your further reference.

Please, should you have any concerns regarding your young person's activities online, feel free to contact the College Wellbeing team on  8261 2733.

Online safety advice during COVID-19 from the eSafety Commissioner

As we all work to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, there has never been a more important time to think about online safety, whether for our community, family or friends.

To support you and your community at this time we’re providing resources you can share with those working from home and for families who may be supporting their children through remote learning. 

We encourage you to visit our COVID-19 page on our website, which was recently awarded a Webby Honoree, for the latest advice for staying safe online. Our most recent release includes guidance on how to manage your wellbeing during COVID-19. 

Please feel free to forward this email or share the links with your organisation or anyone who you think will benefit from the resources during this time. We’d be happy to provide targeted content for your newsletter, social media channels or website, so please reach out to me if I can help.

Thanks in advance for your support. Stay healthy and safe - online and offline.

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