Windsor Gardens Secondary College recommended devices are available to purchase from our portal online  

Windsor Gardens B - 12 is committed to ensuring all students have access to modern learning tools and challenging curriculum as part of its aim to ‘engage all students in diverse, rich and futures oriented learning experiences’.

As you may be aware, our college has made a major investment to upgrade our infrastructure to ensure we provide an efficient and effective platform for students to use.

To support this Windsor Gardens B - 12  has explored options for families to purchase personal portable devices for their students. It is compulsory for all students to bring their own device in 2016.  We recommend devices that are:

· Supported by the college ICT staff

· Compatible with the college ICT environment

· and will enable 24/7 access to ICT

· 3 Years warranty

Laptop Purchase Guide (see above link). This website lists laptop options that you can consider. Options of extended warranty, insurance, repair and payment plans can also be found on the portal.  These options meet the approved specifications for the BYOD program. It describes in detail the different models from each manufacturer.

Below is a set of minimum computing specifications that are required for your BYO device, to be compatible with the college network, maximise the benefits and minimise the problems for students.

Hardware requirements are:

  • Processor: Celeron or i3 or better (i5, i7)
  • RAM (memory): 4 Gb or more
  • Wireless: 802.11bgn (standard)
  • Battery Life: Minimum 6 hour battery life as we cannot provide charging facilities during the day, except in a genuine emergency
  • Windows 8 operating system as a minimum
  • Size: Please think about the size and weight of the device for your child to transport and store.  A maximum size of 15.6” would be highly recommended.
  • Please ensure that the device, if already owned, is no older than 2 years as hardware improvement has progressed rapidly and older devices generally do not perform as efficiently.

Devices that are not recommended for our environment are:

  • Ipads (acceptable only if a word program is installed)
  • Android tablets

If your child brings one of these devices to school, you may be asked to change or upgrade to meet the minimum requirements.  Please heed the above advice provided regarding unsuitable devices as we do not want you to waste money.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to explore this option for 24/7 access to ICT for your student.


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