Most of the students who are enrolled in the Centre for Hearing Impaired (CHI) are placed in mainstream classes and access the full curriculum. Students are supported in these classes with a Teacher of the Deaf or a BSSO (Bilingual School Services Officer). Support staff use both Auslan and English to enrich the curriculum for the students.  Those students who require extra support and assistance with their learning access smaller class groups with a specially developed intensive and modified Curriculum.

The CHI curriculum in the intensive classes varies depending on student needs and is very much an individualised program. Students access all areas of the curriculum, but where appropriate are assessed using the Australian Curriculum Outcomes aligned to their developmental level rather than those aligned to their age. There are two courses which can help students to gain extra SACE credits- Deaf Life and Transition. Deaf Life is a course designed to build connections with the Deaf community and open students’ minds to possible futures. The other course, Transition, helps students to prepare for post school life and ensures that all CHI students leave to either further study, employment or with a strong connection to a Disability Employment Agency.

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Windsor Gardens B - 12 incorporates the Windsor Gardens Centre for Hearing Impaired, and is one of the most dynamic learning centres in the state. We are a medium size secondary school with a very strong sense of community. 

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