Year 10 student Lachlan started paddling after being identified through a South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) assessment program through the college. He began in late December 2014 his first year at Windsor. After 8 weeks, the coach encouraged him to attend the National Sprint Titles in Sydney for the experience. Lachlan performed well and even qualified for some “B” finals. Generally, the Nationals are at the end of the Sprint season. This season Lachlan has continued to constantly beat his previous times. The aim for him was to make “A” finals. Which he succeeded to do. He even won a Bronze medal! 

Lachlan also has a regular partner for his K2 events, they are becoming very strong competitors in all K2 events. Lachlan recently competed in a 2500m event, at about the 200m mark he caught up with some of the younger competitors, who had started earlier. One particular 12yr old paddler from WA was crying and in distress, so Lachlan slowed and paddled alongside him until the 30m mark as his fellow club mates were about to overtake him. This act of maturity and mentoring was seen and noticed by some of the major selectors in the sport. 

Lachlan is aiming to make the next Junior World titles and perhaps the Junior Olympic Hopes Team in the next 12 months. The selection is based on performance and a points system. He trains at least 5 mornings per week, so he is up at 5am to train before school. He also trains generally 2 nights with gym work at SASI and another paddling session in the afternoon. 

Well done Lachlan, we wish you all the very best!



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