I would like to acknowledge, at the beginning of this school year, that – 

For thousands of years Indigenous people have walked in this land, on their country.  Their relationship with this land has been and still is at the centre of their lives. I want to acknowledge prior stewardship of this land by the Kaurna people, and the importance of this area as a meeting place for people from many nations over many years.

I am extremely proud to begin my seven-year tenure as Principal, and will be based on the McKay Ave campus. Here we will create a new community of learners, with the following Leadership team to help us:

• Ms Allyson Goodale – Head of Early years

• Ms Chan Welfare – Head of Primary Years

• Ms Amy Geue – Co-ordinator of the Centre for Hearing Impaired (CHI)

• Mr Dean Liddicoat – Head of Middle Years

• Mr Petre Papageorgiou – Head of Senior Years

• Ms Jane Barnett – Deputy Principal, B-12

• Ms Marisa Camilos – Business Manager, B-12


We are pleased to advise that the Surveyor-General, the Minister for Education and Child Development and our Governing Council have agreed on the naming of the new school formed by the amalgamation of Gilles Plains Primary School, Gilles Plains Children’s Centre and Windsor Gardens Secondary College as

Avenues College.

This name will take effect from the beginning of 2018. The Governing Councils, staff members, parents and students of both schools worked during last year to choose a name; and the Governing Council is confident that our new school will provide the pathways to the future for all of our students.

Over the next two terms we will be considering the branding, uniform and building requirements of our new school; your input will be sought and considered in this process. 


Robyn McLean


Windsor Gardens School B-12



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Windsor Gardens B - 12 incorporates the Windsor Gardens Centre for Hearing Impaired, and is one of the most dynamic learning centres in the state. We are a medium size secondary school with a very strong sense of community. 

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